Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool # 11

What are your favorite tools you now have in your personal technology toolbox? Briefly describe a particular activity that you will plan for your students using at least one of these new tools. I really enjoyed the make-believe comic strip. This will help students be more expressive.

2. How have you transformed your thinking about the learning that will take place in your classroom? It has made me more aware of what is out there for students.How has your vision for your classroom changed? I am excited about teaching students new technology. Are you going to need to make any changes to your classroom to accommodate the 21st Century learner? No

3. Were there any unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you? No

Tool #10

1.Discuss at least three things you would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens. I will teach students to operate safely, friendly and ethically  in the digital world.
2. Share at least one of the resources mentioned above or on the Ed Tech website that you plan to use instructionally. I plan on using Atomic Learning.
3. Explain briefly how you would "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to your students. I would make it realistic and compare it to how a citizen is supposed to act. I would then give examples linking it to social skills and social studies. I would then have students discuss in groups and present what a good digital citizen looks like.
4. Explain briefly how you plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with your parents. Parents will receive a letter of what we are learning and how we are learning and allow parents to participate if they wished.

Tool #9

  1. Why do you think it is important to tie the technology to the objective? It increases student awareness of technology in using it to meet content objectives.
  2. Why should we hold students accountable for the stations/centers? It teaches them responsibility and disciplines them in the future as they advance in their grade levels.
  3. Visit 2 of the applicable links to interactive websites for your content/grade level. Which sites did you like. Thinkfinity and Studyladder. How could you use them as stations? I will work with a group and have other stations set up while others are working in their seats. This will allow me to monitor students more closely who need the extra help. How can you hold the students accountable for their time in these stations? Students must produce a product and a reflection of their learning.
  4. List two to three apps you found for the iPod Touch/iPad that you can use in your classroom. What do you see that station looking like? How can you hold the students accountable for their time in these stations? Thinkfinity and Studyladder . Each station is labeled and set in a rotation. Students will be reminded of the rules and must use them as they will be monitored during this time.
  5. What about other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad? Share another way you can see your students using the device as a station. I can't think of anymore at this time.

Tool #8

  1. After watching the videos/tutorials, list two to three things you learned about the device(s) that will be in your classroom this fall.
  2. How do you plan to manage the device(s) in your classroom? Do you have ideas/suggestions that others may find useful?

I have learned the value of using ipad with individual students in the resource classroom. There are great educational downloads that can be used. I plan to use this with students who have disabilities in their writing, and I also plan on downloading learning games to enhance the experience.

Tool # 7

  1. Post the following about the project:
    1. Content objective
    2. When you plan to implement
    3. What tool(s) you plan to use
    4. A brief description of the project (plan - two or three sentences)
    5. If you need to find another classroom - We can begin networking with other classrooms right here!
Objective: Students will write a narrative writing piece and share with another classroom.
I plan to implement this during narrative piece writing in class. I plan to use Edmodo Communities. Students will write their piece and share with a classroom at another school. They will give and receive feedback from the other campus.

Tool #6

Utilizing these tools in the classroom can stimulate conversation between students in written format and will be valuable in enhancing their written language skills.

Tool #5

I could use prezi for presentations with other teachers. I can also use the make believe comics to assist students in writing more descriptively incorporating emotions in writing.